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The Top Twelve Ways Employees Hurt Their Legal Rights

Ohio employee rights law books
  1. Signing agreements that waive legal rights.
  2. Signing agreements on an employment application before being offered a job.
  3. Signing a non-compete agreement without a severance covering a commensurate period of time.
  4. Agreeing to company policies that allow the company to discipline/fire employees based on personal/private activities.
  5. Putting company expenditures on personal credit cards.
  6. Putting personal expenditures on company credit cards or expense reports.
  7. Signing broad waivers of medical privileges for workers compensation when a narrow waiver is all that is required.
  8. Signing broad waivers of medical privileges to enroll in company health and disability plans.
  9. Indemnifying the employer from damages for wrong done to the employee.
  10. Failing to respond to an inaccurate performance review.
  11. Failing to report unfair or unlawful activity.
  12. Agreeing to final and binding arbitration to resolve workplace disputes.